Friday, August 18, 2006

Book Update: 100% Final Draft!

Whoof!  We’ve got 100% of our chapters for The Book through the final edits and delivered to our editor at O’Reilly.

Last count for tools: 176.  Absolutely no clue what the final page count will be, but it will almost certainly be over 1100 pages, perhaps even over 1200.  A rough bit of work in Cygwin tells me we had 842 figures between gif, jpg, bmp, and png files.  Not all of those made the cut, but the vast majority did.  There’s also one token SVG file in there, just because we weren’t difficult enough with everything else.

The final list of tools, in absolutely no sensible order, is shown below.  I’ve no clue if this will render properly by the time it makes it through BlogJet,’s stylesheets, and whatever agent you’re using to view this post with.  Hopefully so. 

XSD.exeKrypton ToolkitCommunity Server
CodusVisual Studio Express EditionsFlexwiki
MyGenerationSharpDevelopXP Remote Assistance
Peli's Reflector AddinsMonoDevelopSkype
CR_MetricsNotepad2TFS Admin Tool
NprofTCPViewCastle ActiveRecord
SVN 1-Click SetupRegMonCoolCommands
TortuiseCVSProcess ExplorerClassDesigner PowerToy
SourceSafe Binding RemoverClrDumpHTML/ASP.NET Spell Checker
WinMergeManaged Stack ExplorerVSWindowManager
Anthem.NETPing PlotterCSSPropertiesWindow
AJAX.NET ProfessionalLogParserWeb Application Project
UrlRewritingNet.UrlRewriteRegex Kit VisualizersVSContentInstaller PowerToys
CSS Friendly ASP.NET 2.0 Control AdaptersASP.NET CacheLog4Net
FreeTextBoxConchango XML VisualizerLucene.NET
WebChartExpression Graphic DesignerLibCheck
RSSToolKitExpression Interaction DesignerNetSpell
Nunit Code Snippets for Visual Studio 2005Service Configuration EditornSort
MbUnitService Trace ViewerRelfector.Diff
ZanebugWinFX Development ToolsRSS.NET
nCoverExplorerDotnet IL EditoriTextSharp
NMock2Threat Analysis and Modeling ToolCR_Documentor
Rhino.MocksBouncy CastleNdoc
NUnitFormsXSS LibraryPDFCreator
RotorXML Diff and PatchZoomIt
Castle MonoRailEXSLT.NETMagnifixer
Castle Windsor ContainerXSDObjectGeneratorLess MSIerables
Enterprise LibraryConnectionStrings.comFileZilla
OpenNETCFSQL Connection String BuilderCommandPromptHere
NantSQLite AdministratorCropper
MSBuildOracle Developer Tools for Visual Studio .NETColorMania
MSBeeOracle SQL DeveloperPowerShell
MSBuild Community TasksWeb Developer Toolbar for Internet ExplorerPowerShellIDE
MSBuild SidekickWeb Developer Extension for FirefoxTaskSwitcherXP
CruiseControl.NETWeb Developer HelperSyncToy
CI FactoryDripUnlocker
Unleash ITDOM HelperCygwin
Web Deployment ProjectsW3C Markup Validation Service
XP Common ControlsHTML Tidy
DockPanel SuiteBasecamp

So there you have it.  We’re done with the vast majority of the work.  We’ve still got copyedits to handle, but James tells me that goes much quicker.

Many thanks to the folks who contributed articles to the book.  Many thanks to the reviewers.  Many thanks to Ralph Davis who was our copy editor and did a tremendous job of polishing up our work.

Most of all, thanks a bunch to the people who were passionate and smart enough to create all these tools.

That’s all for now.  I’m going to spend the evening with my family who hasn’t seen much of me for the last two months as James and I have crushed to finish this thing.


Jason Follas said...

Awesome job, guys! Having read all but maybe the last 3 chapters that you guys wrote (for some reason, I didn't get to review those yet), I can say that it's going to be a resounding best seller!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jim and James. What a great milestone! I agree with Jason, everything that I have read is top notch.b

Jim Holmes said...

For those of you following along, Jason was one of our several tech reviewers and helped to polish up the book's structure and content. Dan wrote several articles filling out our SQL chapter.

Thanks, guys!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Can't wait to see it!

Anonymous said...

Nice list!

I put up an announcement on my blog too to let my readers know about your upcoming release! You can see it a .

Anonymous said...

Good job guys - you deserve to reap the success of your labours!

Anonymous said...

I think you miss one great tool Spring.NET

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