Sunday, August 21, 2005

Microsoft Doesn't Listen, Part II

You say Microsoft doesn't listen to developers and customers using their products? Look at the rippling change made to C#'s Nullable<T> support, requiring changes to the Common Language Runtime. Scott Wiltamuth talks about it here, Somasegar here, and Cyrus here. There are many things I don't care for about Microsoft (XP Home Edition's piece of shit Network Sharing Wizard which zorched my Father's network while I was on vacation thousands of miles away at his home and had to get to the airport before I could completely fix things is one rant I'll save you from, at least for a day or two until I get it figured out), but one really, really must give credit when such a massive undertaking is, well, undertaken. The ripples from changing the CLR's implementation are huge. It's gratifying that MS was willing to jump onto this solely because of feedback from C# developers. Specifically, go read Cyrus's post and his mention of Stuart Ballard's detailed blog post on the issue.

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