Tuesday, August 07, 2007

SharePoint Skillset

SharePoint 2007 is huge.  Clients don’t understand how huge it is, management and sales often don’t get it, and many candidates who express MOSS “experience” also don’t seem to get it.  Joel Oleson has a blog post listing some of the skills a MOSS IT Pro or Architect needs — and his list doesn’t even include the details on the development side of things!

Because of my involvement with the Dayton .NET User Group I’ve had a lot of contacts from staffing companies looking for SharePoint experts.  I have a hard time getting it through recruiters’ heads that finding a MOSS solution architect, developer, or even admin is going to be a tough, tough hunt.  (Recruiters not listening or understanding a position’s requirements?  Go figure…)

Use Oleson’s list as a training plan if you’re interested in moving into the MOSS arena.  Use it as an aid to convincing your management that picking up MOSS is not something you can casually do via a vew hours of homework.

(Via Steve P’s killer SharePoint Link List.)

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