Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nifty SharePoint Utility

I haven’t tried this but it looks very cool: A system tray widget to manage AppPools on your MOSS box.  Additionally, you can configure URLs to visit after an IIS Reset or AppPool refresh — that way your sites will automatically get visited after a bounce, reducing the load time when you finally get around to visiting those pages.

I’ve been slowing moving back into the MOSS arena.  This widget will definitely get added to my toolbelt.

UPDATE: Forgot to cite my references.  I found tell of this in a comment on Sahil Malik’s blog post on his VM setup.  (FWIW, I asked him what tools he was using for automation and testing.  Strangely that comment didn’t make it past his moderation.  Maybe he doesn’t do any testing?)


Anonymous said...

I never got your comment :-/

Jim Holmes said...

Bummer. I've resubmitted it. Hopefully it showed up.

Sahil said...


Here's a little trick on my blog engine. If your comment did indeed get picked, the # of comments will +1 (even though your comment is still under moderation).

BTW - the front page is cached, so the count will be reflected immediately on the on the page that shows the post.

So, I have no idea how you're submitting the comment, but it ain't comin' thru!

Jim Holmes said...

Rat farts. I hate to put comments to your blog on my blog, so I won't. Let's take this over to e-mail and see if we can figure out what's goofy.

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