Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fitnesse Presentation Update

The Solutions group at Quick Solutions where I work has a monthly department meeting where we go over the department’s business status followed by a grok talk.  The biz status update is one of the things I love about work at QSI: complete transparency with all employees being encouraged to have a clear grasp on what the company at large and our department is doing.

I gave tonight’s grok on using Fitnesse, but was disappointed in my presentation.  I didn’t get a good story out to the crowd on how Fitnesse can help with difficult biz process testing.  I also didn’t get a good story across on how the workflow of story-driven testing goes with Fitnesse.

I showed my own version of a ColumnFixture table tied to a payroll system, then I used Paul Vlagsma’s port of the examples from the FIT book for the rest of the grok.  I showed the ActionFixture example for the ChatServer which is effectively one set of steps in a workflow, and while it’s simple and cool it’s not really clear how that ties to a business process.

What I should have used was the Rental example showing an entire process flow:

This is a great example because it shows how you can use one test page to create setup values, sub-actions, and a series of workflow steps with specific tests along the way.  This example is a lot better demo of Fitnesse’s goodness.

So if you were at the grok, here’s an additional example for you to think about.  Sorry I didn’t flesh out this part of the talk better.

Now Playing: Mike Ferris — Salvation in Lights. Salvation in Lights has been getting a lot of play time as I work through code on a project I’m getting close to wrapping up.  I don’t spend a lot of time listening to gospel music, but Ferris’s bluesy/rock covers are just amazing.  He’s got a stunning voice, the songlist is wonderful, the band’s fantastic, and the production of the albumn is stunning.  Ferris spent a bit of time fronting for Double Trouble after Stevie Ray Vaughn died and he brings a lot of SRV’s gutsy style to this disk.  Ferris’s Goodnight Sun is also a terrific disk. 


Matt Casto said...

Maybe you'll give this presentation at CodeMash? It would be nice to see you present this material with more than 30 minutes at your disposal.

Jim Holmes said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of submitting this both for the Ann Arbor Day of .NET and CodeMash.

I'm not sure how I'll deal with talking on just one tool, though. Usually I have some psychotic need to throw in at least ten or 15 tools and try to cover 'em all in 75 minutes...

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