Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What Not To Use For A Domain Name (x10)

Greg Hughes has a hysterical post listing some domain names that were very poorly chosen.  For example the Italian Power Generator company whose URL is www.powergenitalia.  The other nine are equally funny. 

Seriously, what looks good in your head may not look good in a URL.  Think twice and have someone else look at it.  Don’t tell ‘em what the URL is supposed to say, just show them the text in all lowercase and wait for their reaction.


Anonymous said...

Dude, your blog looks awful in Firefox.

Also, why do you localize it? Jeez...

Jim Holmes said...

Looks fine in my browser. It must be your sucky installation. In any case, use an RSS reader, because you're a complete tool for stopping by here with a browser.

So there.

(Actually, it looks like one of the blogger CSS templates has changed and made my blog's layout barf all over itself. I'll do some cleanup later.)

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