Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SharePoint Installation/Configuration Guides

EverythingSharePoint.com has a couple good guides detailing MOSS installation and configuration steps.  One’s for initial installation, the second covers configuration.

The guides have lots of step-by-step details and lay out some “best practices” for various aspects.  My major gripe with the guides is that they don’t reference where the best practices were developed at.  (Actually, I’ve a long rant about “best practices” anyway, but that’s a different post…)  Many line up with what I’ve read in official MS documentation, but the author ought to at least specify where the practices were drawn from.

The content’s nothing staggering to anyone who’s done a modest amount of MOSS installs and setups, nor is it overly different than what you’d find in the Office Server 2007 Administrator’s Companion  (affectionately referred to as The Big-Assed Guide to All The SharePoint Crap You’ll Need To Know.)  Despite that, the guides are a good read.

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Anonymous said...

I am the author of everythingsharepoint.com. Thanks for the feedback. I will be updating the document to reflect where the best practices originated from. Thanks.


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