Thursday, July 19, 2007

Should MS Buy Up Security Exploits?

Slashdot is 99% crap, but on occasion there’s an interesting post.  This article from today points out the black market where exploits are auctioned off and posits that Microsoft ought to buy up those exploits.

I think that’s an interesting premise, and the poster brings up some of the interesting complexities surrounding the idea. 

Regardless of where Microsoft is now with security, the idea is an intriguing one and might at least help patch up Microsoft’s perception as a company that doesn’t care about security.  (A perception I vehemently disagree with, BTW.)

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Justin Kohnen said...

Man, if cracker could get paid for the security wholes they find, that would go worlds for Microsoft security. Can you imagine how eager you would be if you got paid $(x * 100.00) just for finding a weakness?


But I agree, Microsoft does care about security. In fact, I support with the statement "Windows is the most secure operating system."

Pick on those on top.

I'm sure security holes exist in OSX, and Linux, but they aren't exploited because 2% (random small number) of the world uses them.


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