Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Blogroll Slightly Updated

I’ve done a bit of pruning on my blogroll (right sidebar, if you please), and I’ve also added in links to all my colleagues at Quick Solutions who have blogs that I know of.  I figure I’ve just gone over a couple months at QSI and they’ve not thrown me out of the door (yet), so it’s safe for me to link to some of the Really Smart folks I work with.

By the way, Quick is always looking for good folks in a wide range of disciplines.  Please drop me a line (contact link on sidebar) if you’re looking for work in the DBA, .NET, Java, business analyst, or program manager fields.  We’ve got plenty of positions for people who are interested in finding a terrific place to work.  Are you interested but worried your skills might not fall right in one of those slots?  Drop me a line all the same — we’re open to helping good folks grow their skills.  It’s a long-term thing <gasp!>.


Chris Woodruff said...

You cannot give any love to a friend's blog? :)

David Dossot said...

Instead of a blogroll, a static list of URLs, I find Google's concept of shared items much more interesting.

Filtering the blogs you read and providing this "best of" as a feed, a page and a JavaScript widget you can include really provides value to others.

My .02

Jim Holmes said...


I'm slowly updating the roll with my feeds. I need to get my s#!t together and figure out a simple XSLT to get my feeds into a blogroll format.

It's not that I don't love you, I just don't have my act together. :D

Paul Smith said...

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