Wednesday, July 25, 2007

MOSS Contact Details Web Part Image Issues

Problem: Updating a SharePoint page’s contact information for a page hosting the Contact Details web part causes an error when saving the page’s settings.  The error page details are simply “An unexpected error has occurred.”

Cause: You can include a photo of the contact in the details.  The Contact Details web part creates a thumbnail of the image that’s 140x140.  The web part barfs all over itself if the target image is smaller than 140x140 and isn’t smart enough to just use the original image.

Fix:  Use an image that’s at least 140x140.

Rant: I become more and more amazed at the awful error reporting in SharePoint.  I’ve been working around various corners of SharePoint for six or eight months now and I am continually blocked by the incredibly crappy error messages.  It’s completely beyond pathetic, to the point of me wanting to deliver a couple truckloads of fresh manure to the SharePoint team’s building.  The only way to find out the cause of this particular error is to troll the MOSS logs — which site and content owners will probably not have access to. 

Do yourself and your users a favor: send out appropriate information about errors.

Rant off.

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