Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goodbye NuSoft, Hello Quick!

Friday was my last day at NuSoft Solutions.  It’s been a great eight or so months at NuSoft, but a terrific opportunity that I’ve wanted for years suddenly opened up.  Come Monday, 9 April, I’ll be starting work at Quick Solutions in Columbus.

I’m pretty stunned at the quality of folks I’ll be working with: James, Jeff, Arnulfo, Alexi, others, and of course Brian.

This is a great change for me, and I’m really excited.  I’ve got a week off to catch up on some sleep and chores around the house, then I’m diving in to the deep end of things.



Dan Hounshell said...

Congrats, Jim. I couldn't think of a better fit.

Ben Carey said...

Good luck at Quick! It's a great group and always getting better.

Arnulfo Wing said...

Welcome to the TEAM.... 2007 will be an AWESOME year...!!!

Darrell Hawley said...

Congratulations, Jim! I've been really impressed with everyone I've come across from Quick. You will be no exception.

Matt Casto said...

Congratulations. I can't wait for the opportunity to work with you. I can't really complain about how far I commute compared to you.

Steve Harman said...

Congrats Jim!

Now that you'll be in C-bus perhaps some of the other geeks in the area (I'm looking in your direction members of can schedule some geek-lunches or something.

Dave Donaldson said...

Congrats on the move. Seems about as good a fit as there can be.

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