Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More MbUnit Goodness: Test Private Methods!

MbUnit continues to do great things.  I just stumbled across a discussion on the MbUnit Google Group talking about a new feature in 2.4.143: the ability to test private methods via some nifty-looking reflection work.

Whoof!  This is just plain amazing stuff, and a terrific benefit.

Sure, you can get in to the discussion about whether or not you should be testing private methods at all, but 1) some folks have to deal with poorly designed leprosy I mean legacy systems, and 2) sometimes you just end up with code which has private methods you’d really like to test separately from their invoking public methods.

So there.

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Dave O'Hara said...

This has been the one piece that the built-in tests for VS2005 has had over NUnit and MbUnit but now it looks like it's going away. If we could just reconcile the NUnit and MbUnit guys and get them together...

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