Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Killer Headphone Amp

I’m sitting here listening to some of my benchmark music (The Who’s Who’s Next) and am in complete awe at sound coming out of my new gadget: a Total AirHead mobile amp from HeadRoom at  This cool little amp weighs hardly anything at all and isn’t much bigger than my iPod.  It runs off four AAA batteries or a little power adapter.  A provided cable hooks to your iPod or other mobile player.  You plug your headsets into the amp — there are even two jacks.

The folks at HeadRoom are very, VERY serious about their amps.  Do some reading on the site and you’ll probably be pretty impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail.

My Sennheiser HD-580 cans sound just amazing with this amp plugged into my iPod.  They sounded terrific before, but the improvement in dynamic range is stunning.

I’ve been looking forward to getting this amp for some time now.  I’m glad the wait’s finally over!

Better yet, is running a sale now, so the amp was $50 off!  Woo!

WARNING: Note it’s as in the singular.  There’s some knockoff site at — they even snarfed’s color scheme.  May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits.


G-Funk said...

how much did they work out to be then?

Jim Holmes said...

$99 for the amp. Great price.

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