Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tutorials Done the way Tutorials Should Be (Anthem.NET)

I’ve been trolling through a lot of open source and freeware tools over the last six or eight months.  I’ve seen some great documentation (Varszegi’s NSpring’s API dox rock!) and I’ve seen utter crapware.  Most projects suffer in the tutorial/implementation area even if their API dox are up to snuff. 

Let’s be honest: what’s fun about writing up that implementation/tutorial stuff?  Nutin’, but it’s critical if you want users of your stuff to be able to jump right in and get rolling.

Anthem.NET’s tutorials/demos are the best I’ve run across since I started brushing against open source a number of years ago.  The example web project in Anthem.NET’s distribution has 43 separate examples.  43!  With code.  And they’re well-written!  Additionally, Howard Richards has a great walkthrough on Code Project.

I know the effort involved in getting this level of quality of documentation up, and I’m happy the Anthem.NET team did it.  I’ve done very little with ASP.NET, so I’m learning about AJAX, Anthem.NET, and ASP.NET fundamentals all at the same time.  This documentation makes it oh so much more pleasant.

Well done, folks!

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