Saturday, June 17, 2006

More ReSharper Goodness

Small things matter.  Like being able to quickly open up a file somewhere in your solution when you run across a reference to it in your code.  I’m still not in a complete transcendental existential plateau with ReSharper, but I do on occasion come close to Maslow’s fifth level with goodies like this:

  • Find a reference to a file in the code you’re looking at (CSS Friendly ASP.NET 2.0 Control Adapters, BTW)
  • Hit Ctrl-Shift-N
  • Start typing a few characters of the filename
  • ReSharper gloms through all files in the solution and starts listing files, filtering out as you type more characters in
  • By the fourth character I’m to a set of files like so:
  • By the fifth character I’m down to two choices, enabling me to use the arrow key and Enter
  • The desired file pops into my editor.



Anonymous said...

Yeah, isn't that great? :) And if you would want MenuAdapter you just have to type capitals MA. You can even use wildcards...

Jim Holmes said...

That's a very good point, Gabriel. You don't have to type contiguous characters. The wildcard feature is cool, too!

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