Thursday, June 29, 2006

Standard Book Review Disclaimer

Here’s my standard (as of this moment) disclaimer about some of my book reviews.  I’ll try to link to it when I review a book I’ve gotten as a review copy.

I get a lot of books free as review copies.  I write about most of them if I’ve time to read them and they’re interesting topics.  Just because I got them for free doesn’t mean I feel obligated to give fawning reviews of them.  I write about what I like and don’t like without any feeling of obligation to the publishers — who you should know never ask or imply that such a thing should be done.

Regardless, you ought to know when I’ve gotten a book for free.  So there.

(Not valid in the states of Nevada, Ohio or the other 48.5 states.  Your mileage may vary.  Some settling may occur during shipment.  Don’t use heavy machinery after reading due to risk of drowsiness.  Avoid contact with water.  Keep away from children under 43.)

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