Thursday, June 15, 2006

Security Goodness: Drag & Drop to MakeMeAdmin Command Prompt

I use Aaron Margosis’s MakeMeAdmin.cmd to give myself admin privileges when needed.  That command file (real developers don’t use batch files) gets you a command prompt running in an administrator’s context, enabling you to launch new Explorer sessions, programs, etc., all from an Admin’s context.

Last night I stumbled across something that I’d no idea was possible: You can drop a shortcut into that command prompt window, at which point the shortcut’s full path will appear in the prompt.  Hit “Enter” and Poof! you’ve got a shiny app running in the Admin context.


I’m embarassed to say that I can’t even credit the place I ran across this tip at.  I read the blog post or comment and moved on to do other things.  What I’d read really didn’t even sink in until I climbed out of bed this morning and sat down at the computer…


Anonymous said...

I think you saw me mention it in the comments here:

Am I right?
Am I right?
Do I win a pony? ;)

Jim Holmes said...

Man, you da' man!

Yes indeedy, you were the guy. Don't know about a pony, but I can ship some equine byproducts I picked up on my shoes at my daughter's horse camp..

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