Friday, May 26, 2006

Shiny New Presenter

Rob Keefer gave a great presentation on architecture at this month’s DevGroup meeting here in Dayton.  He had lots of great knowledge to pass on, and there was some very good Q&A, but what really caught my eye was the neat presenter he was using

I have a neat IR pointer/presenter Drew was nice enough to give me, but it’s IR which means line of sight.  I wander around a lot, guesturing like a madman, while doing my presentations, so the line of sight is a real pain in the butt. 

I’ve been a good boy lately and really being careful about not spending money on toys, but this one I couldn’t pass up, so I gave in to impulsive temptation and bought one.  (BTW, the company selling these from that Amazon link ROCKS!  They had the device in my hands two days after ordering, all for a very small shipping fee.)

I’m happy with the gadget so far, but I’m trying to research out keymapping options to change the Internet and E-Mail buttons to something more useful.  Who the heck would want a presenter widget to fire off e-mail and a browser?  OK, browser maybe, but not e-mail.

I’m hoping to remap the E-Mail key to Alt-1 and the Internet Key to Esc.  That would let me make great use of ZoomIt to scribble on the screen directly from the presenter without having to return to the laptop.  I tried SharpKeys but unfortunately it doesn’t recognize the Mail or Browser keystrokes, nor can I map Alt-1 using SharpKeys.  I may end up manually hacking the registry — but I’d rather have somebody else’s software to blame if I screw it up.

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