Saturday, May 27, 2006

Congress And The Separation Of Powers

Warning: Political Stuff.  Skip over this if you’re only interested in reading my blog posts on gardening, cooking, or whatever that dang .NET thing is.

I don't know whether you care or not about the flap surrounding the FBI's search of Congressman Jefferson's office, but Glenn Reynolds has some good stuff over at on the issue.  Jerry Pournell, on the other hand, shows that while he’s an absolutely brilliant science fiction and general-issue tech writer, he should probably stay away from attempting to pontificate on Constitutional law matters.

Reynolds hits it on the head in his opening graf: “What’s frustrating in these discussions is the failure to distinguish between what the law should be in somebody's opinion, and what it actually is, based on the Constitution and the caselaw.”

The behavior of the GOP Speaker of the House is continuing to drive the nail deeper in my resolve to vote Democrat in the next election, not because I approve of anything the Democrats are doing (which is nothing but hyperbolic, vitrolic criticism without offering any alternatives), but because the GOP Congress has shown they’re completely out to lunch with regards to any form of accountability, fiscal responsibility, or respect for we folks who elected them.

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