Sunday, May 07, 2006

Cool Vacation Things

Highlights from five days on Hilton Head Island, SC, in no particular order:

  • Finding a gelateria that actually knows how to make real gelato instead of some hideous crap masquerading as the good stuff.
  • “Thank you for teaching me how to swim, Poppa!”  (Even though the not-quite-six-year old more or less taught herself.)
  • Seeing a real bluebird.
  • Hanging out at the very relaxing, not over-the-top Disney Hilton Head Island Resort.
  • Seeing my not-quite-two-year old playing in the sand.
  • Having a more or less quiet game of shuffleboard with my wife while remembering my grandfather teaching me the game decades ago.
  • Getting back to our own bed six hours later than planned after a return trip travel day from hell.


Unknown said...

Neat! A real bluebird is such an incredible sight... they're something beyond "blue", in some realm that shatters your previous ideas of what "color" is. It breaks my heart that they have become so rare.

Jim Holmes said...

Yeppers, this was neat indeed. This one wasn't so intensely blue, but still very unique. Saw lots of other neat birds during our several excursions, plus our 2nd story balcony looked right out into trees loaded up with various birds. Very cool!

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