Sunday, May 07, 2006

PocketMod Template

Way back in January at the Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp we handed out PocketMod sheets as schedules for the Camp.  Most folks loved ‘em, although we should have given each person a quick rundown on how the dang things work:  “No, don’t unfold them.  Just put them in your pocket and look at them like a book.” Oh well, lesson learned.

In any case, John Hopkins, one of the smart folks behind the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor next weekend, pinged me to ask how I did the PocketMod thing.  It’s really simple.  First, grab the template I created and change that to meet your needs.  Next, print that file as a PDF.  (Use PDFCreator if you need a PDF printer.)  Finally go grab the PDF to PocketMod converter and feed your PDF through it.

Note to event organizers: Get a gaggle of folks together for a folding party if you’re printing off scads of these.  I printed out 200 for the Code Camp and folded something like 100 myself.  I got to the point where I was doing one every 40 seconds, but that’s still a helluva lot of folding for one person!

Second note to event organizers running a PocketMod folding party: hold off the adult beverages until after the folding is done.

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Anonymous said...

I've been using pocketmods for some time now and find these to be pretty useful. I've designed an editable template in DOC format which lasts me around a week. You might want to follow the link to my blog for the template.

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