Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Holy smokes, I’m actually going to be doing a few talks at places other than our DevGroup

I’ll be giving my Intro to Security talk twice in the next few months, once at the Day of .NET in Ann Arbor on May 15th, and I’ll be heading over to Columbus for the Central Ohio .NET Developers Group to talk on April 27th.

Speaking at the C-Bus meeting will be a neat deal for me personally.  I came back from the Software Development Expo West in 2004 all fired up about getting back into software development.  I’d been doing lousy system analysis/customer relations work and was burned out and sick of it.  Unfortunately things didn’t work out for moving back to fun development at the time.  I was getting very discouraged until I found out about the C-Bus group.  I got over there and saw Ben Carey and Drew Robbins give a gig on Continous Integration and Test Driven Development.  Instant re-energizer, and a serious motivator for me to get out of that lousy spot I was in.

That kind of motivation is the biggest benefit of user groups for me.  Such communities are a great source of energy to revitalize oneself.  Plus you get to learn cool stuff and occasionally you get free food.

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