Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Smokin' DSL!

My ISP is in the middle of various upgrades and I’m already seeing some improvements.  Current stats from my ISP’s bandwidth test page:

Admittedly, your own ISP is not an unbaised source, but I confirmed similar results at PC Pitstop.  I’m hoping that I’ll end up with 3Mbps by the end of the month.  If I’m lucky, really lucky, I may get as high as 6Mbps. 

My ISP is DONet, Inc., a local Dayton firm who has killer service and great rates.  I was with SBC for a year and they sucked rotten bong water.  I’ve been with DONet for around four years and they’re just terrific.

<Disclaimer> They’re not paying or comping me in any way for this plug.  They’re just great folks with great service. </Disclaimer>

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