Friday, March 24, 2006

Open Source Test Tools Materials

I’ve gotten my materials (slides and code) from my Open Source Test Tools together and posted up on my biz’s website.  There are two different solutions for the demos — I didn’t have enough time to gather everything into one shiny package, so I just snarfed stuff from a couple existing widgets I had together.

The UGSignup solution is a seriously kludged-together set of apps for working a couple events.  It’s not pretty, but it was me working a couple nights tossing together an extension of something Greg Huber worked a couple nights tossing together.  (And I just realized I’d been missing his blog on my feed.  Oops.)  Pile that on top of the EventRegistration project (my work) being my first effort in dealing with WinForms in 2.0, which meant it was really a spike effort for me. 

OK, enough excuses — use it as a demo for test code, not as an example of how you should bite off things…

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