Thursday, March 23, 2006

Open Source Test Tools Presentation

I gave another talk at last night’s meeting of the Dayton .NET Developers Group: Open Source Test Tools.  I spoke about all the goodness available in a passle of open source or freeware tools.  It was tough to smash everything into the time allotted. (I’m the president/founder of the group, but I don’t figure I can just blather on for three hours about things I think are Really Cool.)

The tools I hit were:

  • NUnit (quick overview as a foundation for unit test concepts)
  • Fitnesse (followed an example of having the developer create test data in NUnit vice a customer or domain expert create data and tests in Fitnesse)
  • MBUnit (demo’d the RowTest and CombinatorialTest features, talked about Pairwise/All-Pairs support can drastically reduce effort for generating good coverage data)
  • Mock Objects (Rhino.Mocks for simulating inputs from stuff you don’t have access too)
  • Watir (Drive IE through exercising a simple web form with validating text fields)
  • NUnit’s test runner
  • MBUnit’s sucky test runner (hey, even the guys running the MBUnit project are looking at killing the GUI off)
  • Zanebug’s killer test runner
  • TestDriven.NET
  • NCover

Folks seemed to like the presentation, but I really have to rework the portion where I try to describe setting expectations on mock objects.  It’s a very tough concept to understand — it didn’t click with me until 12:30am one night after beating my head against the wall for several hours.  I think I’ve got a new approach for it which will hopefully be clearer and less sleep-inducing.

I’ll have links to the presentation materials posted up after I get a few things polished up.

I submitted this gig along with my Intro to Security presentation to the Day of .NET conference up in Ann Arbor in May.  Hopefully one or the other (both??) will get selected.

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