Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Looking for Palm Syncing Software

I’ve used Documents To Go from DataViz for a number of years now, starting when I purchased my Palm 500 five years ago.  I recently had to purchase a new copy of DtG to support my Palm Treo 650 because my older version wouldn’t run on the new OS.  Note that DataViz wouldn’t give me an update price; I had to pay full ticket.

DtG’s latest version appears to be a piece of junk, at least as it relates to my Treo.  I’ve never been able to get PowerPoint slides synced, and DtG occasionally freaks out and loses all links to files loaded on my phone.

I’ve had an open support ticket with them for nearly four weeks now and it’s been an absolutely crappy experience.  Regurgitation of FAQ items, repitition of already asked questions, and two gaps of over a week with no response from DataViz’s support folks.

I am at the point where I’m considering dumping this piece of junk software and moving to something else.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions on alternative document syncing software? 

My minimum requirements:

  • Support Windows XP
  • Support Office 2003
  • Support syncing and editing of PowerPoint, Excel, and Word

Drop me a note in the comments section, or contact me directly via the contact link on the right sidebar.  Your feedback would be greatly appreciated!

(I’ve purposely left out any links to DataViz.  Find them yourselves if you think it important.  Grumble.)

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