Monday, February 27, 2006

Job Security

Dave Thomas over at has an absolutely terrific slideshow on keeing your job as the global economy changes. 

Think you’re safe because overseas developers cut crappy code and don’t have any processes in place?  Take a look at the eye-opening slides on the percentages of companies certified as CMM level 3 and 5.  Think you’re safe because overseas programmers aren’t as smart as you and don’t keep up with the latest technology?  Re-evaluate your position. Back when I was writing frequently on NHibernate, my global map showed the majority of queries on “nhibernate” and the like coming from India, Indonesia, and other places where “poor-quality, backwards developers” hang out.  Get a grip, baby!

Thomas’s gist?  Pull yourself together, create a plan, educate yourself, and don’t rely on the government or companies to take care of you.  (You shouldn’t have been in the first place, but that’s just my libertarian-leaning bias.)

Good stuff.  Read the whole thing.

(Via Coding Horror)

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Security of tenure-ship is really important among workers.

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