Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Another Good Tech Company Blog

Our DevGroup gets great support from telerik (yes, a small “t”), makers of some nifty ASP.NET controls.  I’m just getting into ASP, but I can already see great value in telerik’s packages.  I also think the company has their head screwed on the right way, as evidenced by the various communications I’ve had with them.

More evidence along that line: their company blog.  Lots of interesting stuff there on technology and mindsets involved in creating great code.  telerik has bought off heavily on the AJAX concept, so you can get some good info on that topic there.

(Disclaimers: as noted, telerik supports our DevGroup with giveaway software, and they’ve also provided me a copy of their controls as part of my interraction with them.  I’m not unbiased, but I think my bias is due to their great toolset.)


Anonymous said...

I've been using the Telerik control suite on my latest project and the controls are truly impressive.

The support from the Telerik team is also great. We found an issue with one of the controls in a specific scenario and received an updated build along with supporting documentation by the next day.

Jim Holmes said...

I'm glad to get feedback from somebody else, Ben, particularly when it comes to support from a company.

It's tough to convince management sometimes to buy off on tools -- but that support and expertise is a great value in some cases.

aliyaa said...

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