Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Star Wars III DVD -- Great Extras

I love good extras on DVD movies.  I’m fascinated by the amazing work hundreds of folks do to bring together a great film, and I love it when a DVD dives down into the details of cinematography, production, and of course special effects.  The platinum extended DVDs of Lord of the Rings are just amazing with their six or eight hours of real behind-the-scenes stuff for each volume.

Star Wars III, Revenge of The Sith’s DVD has a great set of extras, one in particular which is completely different than anything I’ve ever seen: Within A Minute takes one minute of the film, the amazing lightsaber fight on the lava moon, and breaks that segment down to an amazing depth.  They cover how each department was involved with producing that segment, starting with scripting and running through production, filming, post-production, sound, and final screening.  They show the catering department, accountants, carpenters, stunt coordinators, secretaries and assistants, gaffers (woo hoo!  Finally I learn exactly what a gaffer is!), and everyone else.  They even list every name in every department, which is a wonderful bit of recognition for folks in the trenches.

I despise the Entertainment Tonight-style behind the scene extras and love good detailed ones, so this segment was pure gold for me.  The movie itself sucks, but this one extra alone was worth the price of the DVD.

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