Friday, January 13, 2006

Rhapsody Performance Stinks

I love having Rhapsody music service, but their RealPlayer interface sucks.  Badly.  This piece of junk takes up 30% CPU when it’s just sitting there not even playing music.  I get constant hangs and pauses between songs, and Rhapsody will often hang my entire system for several minutes (like five to ten) when moving from one album in a playlist to another.

My system’s an old Dell with a 1.3GHz machine and 512MB RAM, but I don’t think any app should beat up this configuration so badly.  Besides, what’s up with the 30% utilization when the damned app is idle ??

Rhapsody’s answer to my trouble ticket?  Bump up Rhapsody’s priority to Realtime.  Great.  Now I’ve got a lousy app which sucks up too much CPU time already, plus I get to degrade all other apps while I’m running the thing.



David A. P. said...

So, yeah, old post and all, but...I agree heartily. Rhapsody player performance is -- still -- absolutely nauseating. I'm about ready to dump the service and buy myself a zither. I could probably teach myself to play the Brandenburg Concertos on it before I could page through my music collection with Rhapsody.

seriousminded said...

I have had Rhapsody for about two years now and I agree that in the last year their perfomnace has been sickening to the point where I'm ready to cancel my service. It's is constantly downloading my library and bogs down my computer.

T&W Shower Doors said...
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