Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Back to Normality

Whew!  I’m finally recovered from the effort involved with putting on the Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp and have gotten back somewhere near my normal level of productivity.  (Note I didn’t say how productive that was, just that it was my normal level…)  I’m still amazed at how wiped out I was after the event, but holy smokes, what great fun the whole day was.

So now it’s back to the regular routine, of which I’ve knocked off a couple items already:

  • Gotten back into the swing of things with writing regular articles for James’s site
  • Scored a killer speaker for our .NET DevGroup’s June meeting: Sam Gentile
  • Began working on a presentation I’ll put on for DevGroup’s February.  More on that separately.
  • Started making some good job hunt contacts for when I return to the workforce full-time in April/May

I’ve also knocked off several tasks around the house, mostly centering around what seems to involve a never-ending stream of paint cans, rollers, and brushes.  Thankfully, the bedroom is (finally!) almost complete, needing only a final coat on the ceiling and the new baseboard to get tacked up.  The office is still a mess, though, and I’ve got wood flooring to get down and plenty of paint to get on the walls.  Ick. 

Those PITA paint chores are balanced off by my view out the window: spring is not far off, and we’re seeing tulips and daffodils poking their heads out from the flower beds.  That also means it’s not too many more months before we’ll have pear and apple blossoms, followed shortly thereafter by billions of rose blossoms.

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