Monday, January 09, 2006

Past Reading, Catching Up

Here, mostly for my record-keeping in case I want to look this up some time in the future, are a few more books I read last year and forgot to write about.

Joe Haldeman’s Forever series: Forever War, Forever Peace, Forever Free. Very good, and each one was markedly different.  Interesting, provoking books on war, the costs of peace, and liberty in the future.

The DaVinci Code.  I really like fiction with a good dose of history in them.  This has lots of interesting odds and ends about Christianity’s foundations scattered in with a hefty dose of conspiracy theory.  Much easier to read than Ecco’s Foucalt’s Pendulum which I found so captivating that it took me ten years to actually get through.

Lamour’s Last of the Breed. Great jail break and chase through Siberia with a US Air Force officer of American Indian descent working his way to freedom while persued by a tracker of some native tribe in Siberia.  Nothing earthmoving, but just a plain good read.

Orphan's Destiny by Robert Buettener.  Good ol’ shoot-em-up sci-fi.  A good read.

Huxley’s Brave New World.  Wow, what a terrific book.  Hadn’t picked this up in a bunch of years, most likely since the lousy TV movie back in 1980.  Almost as good as…

Orwell’s 1984.  A wonderful classic in so many aspects.  The theme, the style, the execution.  Star Trek: Next Generation’s Chain of Command had a great nod to Orwell’s torture sequences with Picard trying to fend off a monstroush Cardassian’s attempts to get Picard to see five lights where only four existed.

Birmingham’s Weapons of Choice.  First in the Axis of Time series.  Interesting premise that part of a task force from 2021 is zapped back into 1942, right in the middle of the Midway battle.  Great technobabble stuff, but I found the dramatic clash of the cultures to be the real highlight of the book.

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