Friday, August 10, 2018

Slides from ThatConference

I spent the last week at THATConference in Wisconsin Dells, WI. It's a wonderful conference somewhat along the same lines as CodeMash, but with a very different culture and vibe. I gave my talk "More Better Quality Coverage" which is on improving how your teams test--and understanding what modern testing and quality needs to look like.

Lots there on moving testing conversations to the left. Lots there about testing as an activity.

Thank you if you attended the session. I had some really good questions, folks were patient with my bad jokes, and there were some really good conversations after the talk.

Also: Thank you to THATConference staff and attendees. I've been to five conferences already this year. I'm finally finding myself coming out of the funk I've been in since January 10th, 2017. SeleniumConference Bangalore was the first conference I felt somewhat "myself" at. This time at THATConference I felt almost 100%.

Thank you.

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