Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Video of My 'Automated Testing Beyond the Basics' Talk

Last month I did a new talk at StirTrek: “Automated Testing: Beyond the Basics.”

The great folks at StirTrek recorded the sessions and posted them on YouTube. Because they’re all awesome. Watch the video below, or on YouTube.

My usual gonzo deck is up on SpeakerDeck.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting, daddy.

I want you to know I listened to your podcast, followed your twitter acct and now watched this video. I'm working on a visual database genome project and much transparency of your talks apply to my vb.net work. I never do unit tests as checks for errors are built into the codebase as we go on and testing is continuous as I code. I think unit tests are reserved for multiple user projects where coders are programming blind. I also took on board variable combination testing as that is something I coined back in 1998. All possible combinations of x. Its been cool to see people like yourself influenced by the apc trend. Apo.

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