Thursday, October 01, 2015

Keynoting at ISTACon in November

I’m honored to announce I’m going to be keynoting at the ISTA Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria 18-19 November! This is exciting for me on a number of levels.

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First, it’s my first-ever keynote, which is pretty exciting. I’ve never spoken to more than ~150 attendees, so being up front before 700-800 will be a new experience!

Second, I get to return to Sofia, Bulgaria, which is one of my favorite cities in the world. I had extraordinary experiences there when I worked for Telerik, and I’m looking forward to being back there.

ISTA’s organizers were kind enough to let me go a bit astray from “normal” keynotes. Instead of an hour talk I’ll be doing a much shorter session on the lines of a KalamazooX talk. My topic is “Why?” and I’m hoping to fire up attendees to ask “Why?” more often as we work to deliver value to our customers.

I’ll also be presenting my Leadership 101 workshop. This workshop’s from the heart, so it’s always a rewarding but exhausting experience.

ISTA’s registration is already open. I hope folks in the region will be interested enough to attend—it’s a great conference with a lot to offer! If you can’t attend please at least share the info to your friends, colleagues, and community members.

Please look me up onsite if you’re going to attend!


Unknown said...


thank you very much for the great keynote you presented!
For me it was a privilege, honor and last but not least - a pleasure being a part of your audience at ISTAcon this year.

All best,
Nikolay Gelkov

Jim Holmes said...

@Nikolay: Thank you for the kind words! I had a great time at the conference, and it was a pleasure doing the keynote. Best, Jim

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