Friday, January 22, 2010

Making DevExpress & ReSharper Play Nicely

I use both DevExpress’s IDETools and JetBrains ReSharper on my dev boxes. Why? Because I’m a tool whore. That and I like different pieces of both of them. DevExpress gives me awesome visualization, and R# gives me awesome other stuff.

Here’s my quick steps to making them play nicely together in VS 2008:

  1. Install DevExpress tools first
  2. Install ReSharper
  3. Start VS, fill out license info as you’re prompted
  4. Tell ReSharper to use R#/IntelliJ key mappings
  5. Disable DevExpress options I don’t like
    1. DevExpress | Options
    2. Set Level to Expert (lower left corner of dialog)
    3. Editor | Auto Complete | Intellassist | Setup | clear Enabled checkbox (I like R# completion better)
    4. Editor | Auto Complete | Intellassist |Parens & Brackets | clear both options for Smart Parens and Smart Brackets (I’ve always had grief with these conflicting, so I shut ‘em off)
    5. Editor | Clipboard | Smart Cut(Copy) | clear Enabled (Plain ol’ VS copy/cut/paste works for me)
    6. IDE | Shortcuts | search for Ctrl-B (PasteReplaceWord) | clear Enabled (I use Ctrl-B in R# to go to definition)
    7. IDE | Shortcuts | search for Ctrl-Alt-F (QuickFileNav modal) | clear Enabled (I use this shortcut in R# for formatting code. R# gives me Crtl-N and Ctrl-Shift-N for type/file nav)
  6. Force ReSharper once more to use its shortcuts. ReSharper | Options | General | Visual Studio Integration | Restore ReSharper keyboard shortcuts | ReSharper 2.0 or IntelliJ IDEA | Apply

These are MY preferences, but it’s what works for me.


Anonymous said...


Steve said...


I'm curious.

Do you still work with both CodeRush and Resharper together?
Have you settled on one?
Have you moved to CodeRush for Roslyn (assuming you're still using it)?
Any new notes or thoughts on using them together? It's been a few years and a fair amount has changed.

Jim Holmes said...

@Steve: No, I don't still work with these tools together. I spend very little time in Visual Studio these days. :(

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