Monday, August 17, 2009

Slides & Thoughts From devLink

I gave my “Three Tips to Improve Your Process” talk at devLink last week. You can find the deck here.

Thanks to the folks who attended! There was a great turnout and I got some great questions from the audience. I’ve already slightly tweaked my deck to reflect some of those questions. Feedback, FTW!

Once again, John Kellar and his crew put on a fantastic conference, and once again, I spent the majority of my time hanging out with my friends in the Open Spaces sessions. (Can we please stop calling it “Open Spaces Technology” already?) I did catch two great “regular” sessions, one being Bryan Hunter’s Lean Workshop and the other Rick Kierner’s TDD in SharePoint.

I also got a much needed lift from a couple close friends who gave me some good feedback and tough love. Plus, I got to sit on a Dot Net Rocks panel discussion with some neat folks. (Separate post on that soon.)

The 12-hour round trip drive was greatly sped by having Leon in the car and I’m fairly sure we solved sixty or eighty problems including the Golbach conjecture, the Higgs mechanism, and a host of other pressing problems. Culture change in people who actively resist change thwarted us, but we did finally figure out we need to stop giving those people power over us.

Overall, it was an awesome trip. I’m looking forward to returning to devLink again next year. After all, it is the region’s second best conference. (We all know what the region’s best conference is!)

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