Sunday, November 16, 2008

Book Review: Essential WCF For .NET 3.5

I am waaaay behind in posting this one, but here you finally go:

Essential Windows Communication Foundation (WCF): For .NET Framework 3.5by Steve Resnick, et. al. ISBN 0321440064

This book’s very well written and does a great job of explaining a lot of the features around WCF. I like their approach to topics, starting out with basics and evolving from there. For example, right off the bat they do a solid job of showing a service hosted entirely in code, then do a comparable service hosted in IIS. All differences are clearly laid out with some good rationale for either implementation.

This same approach continues through the book, which is something I’m always appreciative about: give me options with clear explanations of why they’d apply, then let me choose which one fits for my environment. The authors even lay out a number of tables throughout the book showing options and alternatives – like the supported features of bindings table in chapter 4.

It’s a solid book for newcomers to WCF or experienced folks looking to brush up on the deltas as WCF moves to .NET 3.5.

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And it is available on the Kindle - bonus!

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