Friday, September 26, 2008

Next Speaking Gig: Ann Arbor Day of .NET

On 18 October I'll be presenting "3 Tips to Improve Your Development Process" at the Ann Arbor Day of .NET. It's nice to have another session lined up -- I'm slowly working my way back in to regular speaking after a months-long funk where I couldn't get fired up about creating new presentations or rehashing old ones.

I'm excited about this presentation because it's all about making small changes to how you develop software: Figure out how to estimate better. Start having a daily standup.  Every once in awhile stop and look back over what you've done via a retrospective.

This gig's been poking around my head for awhile, and I'm looking forward to fleshing it out and putting it out in front of a crowd.

The folks running AADODN always do a terrific job hosting the conference. I hope to see you at there, and maybe even in my session!

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