Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Great Open Source Mind Joins Microsoft

Hamilton Verissimo, founder of the Castle Project with all its amazing goodness, will be joining Microsoft as a PM for the Managed Extensibility Framework. As Hamilton notes in his blogpost, MS is allowing him to continue his work on Castle.  That's awfully, awfully cool!

This is another sign of the slow, terrific changes afoot at Microsoft.  We need to be honest in our (valid!) criticisms of Microsoft, but we also need to be honest and give them props where they're due.  Picking up folks like Hamilton, Phil, and others from the open source community ensures the positive changes at MS continue to move in the right directions.  Pulling in folks like this ensures that certain mindsets in MS will continue to be changed for the better.

Very, very cool.  Congrats, Hammett!

(BTW, Hamilton wrote a great article on the Castle bits for James's and my book.)


Jon Kruger said...

This is good. I don't know why Microsoft wouldn't completely embrace open source. Think about it -- people who are experts writing code for your platform FOR FREE!!! What could be better than that if you're a business?

Still waiting for the day that I start up Visual Studio and the Start Page contains article about how to use NHibernate or Castle or something like that.

Unknown said...

Why Visual Studio? Why not SharpDevelop? The battle for open source extends to the tools as well. This is why Castle is so significant for open minded .NET developers. It shows there are non-MS tool alternatives for leveraging the power of .NET.

This is a reason why I stick to SharpDevelop for developing NxBRE. Sure I would love sometimes to have all the nice bells and whistles of VS.NET. But on the other hand, I feel relieved from MS commercial strategies, like the inane binding between VS versions and .NET versions.

Let us see how MS can negotiate the open source challenge. Hiring Hammett is a great and promising move, for sure!

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