Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ironing Out the CodeMash Schedule

I’m looking at the tentative schedule for the CodeMash sessions we’ve selected and it’s shaping up to be a pretty amazing lineup! 

Jason Gilmore and Dianne Marsh have done the really, REALLY difficult job of the initial session selection: 120 submissions were received, all of which were of high enough quality to be selected at any code camp or other regional conference, most of which were solid enough for national level conferences!  They had to cut out almost 80 selections to pare down to 42 sessions.  That was a hard, hard bit of work, particularly since we know all of the submitters and it’s tough to tell friends “Sorry, maybe next year.”

Now comes the next hard part: slotting those sessions into a schedule where we can try and build momentum at the start and avoid too many obvious conflicts.  Not an easy task, and I’m very glad that Jason and Dianne did all that initial work and then tossed the list over to me for a review!

Dianne, Jason, and a few other folks have confirmed two great keynoters (Brian Goetz and Scott Hanselman) and have a third nearly nailed down.  I’d love to tell you who it might be, but I don’t want to sink the process.  Trust me, you’ll agree it’s a cool catch if we get him!

CodeMash isn’t far away at all — 10 January’s not many squares out on the calendar.  Go register.  Now!

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