Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bragging on My Brother's Photos

My brother’s about sixty years older than me and has treated me horribly my whole life.  The stories I could tell you would turn your knees to jelly and your hair white.  He got me any my sisters stuck in the neighbor’s potato field decades ago, bounced me around the back of his Bronco durng four-wheeling sessions, and I won’t even go in to the chocolate covered ants he fed me when I was a mere three or so years old.

Actually, he wasn’t completely rotten.  He made me learn how engines worked as part of earning rides on his motorcycle.  He and my Dad were great examples in Scouts as I was growing up, and he taught me no-nonsense safety rules when handling firearms.  Throw in a few other things like being a pillar of honesty and amazing example of hard work’s rewards and you might see that I’ve almost come to forgive him the ant thing after 40 years.  Almost.

One of the things my brother passed on to me was a great interest in photography.  Dan’s been an amazing photographer for a long, long time, and I was always amazed by the magic he made with a camera.  His love of photography was a direct cause of my involvement with yearbook and newspaper photography during junior high and high school, and an ongoing interest in photography in the decades since.

I’ve had a link to my brother’s photos on my sidebar for some time.  My stuff is worthless dreck compared to my brother’s work.  He’s progressed from serious amatuer to semi-pro, and is in the process of cutting back hours from his “real” job to head off and work full-time at something he’s loved for decades. 

Dan’s gotten quite a bit of recognition through a few awards and shows in his hometown of Ventura.  Now he’s gone and gotten himself quite a spread in a wonderful magazine.  You can check out the online version of the magazine in a very, very cool display here.

Amazing stuff, Bro, and I’m proud of you!

(But I’m stll not completely over the ants.)

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Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, No way am I sixty years older! It can't be any more than 59!!! I didn't know that bit about why you started your photography in high school - that is pretty cool to know. I do remember the mud bash in the bronco, could never forget the potato patch - but I'll never admit to any chocolate covered ants! (they were honeybees)

Thanks for your words - they mean a lot.

now maybe you can teach me something about this blogging business...


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