Wednesday, December 20, 2006

CodeMash: The British Are Coming!

We’ve actually had two folks from a firm in the UK register for CodeMash!  They’re coming over specifically for CodeMash and hope to tie their visit in to a client site visit, but the client work is secondary.  They’re looking at CodeMash as a very unique forum for networking and “getting some cutting edge ideas.”

Let me tell you: if you’re whining about having to drive four hours up from Cincinnati to attend CodeMash then I don’t want to hear it!  These two are travelling over an ocean to attend!

One of the travellers remarked on the motivation for attending CodeMash: “…there’s nothing like this in Europe at the moment.”  How amazingly cool is that?

CodeMash: Go register now.


Anonymous said...

I really wasn't whining was I? ;)

Jim Holmes said...

You were only really whining about the dates since it didn't fit with your schedule.

Your complaints about the location were more along the lines of pissing and moaning. :)

Anonymous said...

I guess I can't really complain about coming in from Cleveland then...poo.

Jim Holmes said...

Complain about driving an hour from Cleveland? Hah! I scoff in your general direction!

(But come find me at the conference and introduce yourself. No scoffing, I promise.)

Anonymous said...

Actually it's a bit closer to two hours...coming from the Eastside :) If there's beer, I don't mind scoffing.

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