Sunday, November 05, 2006

CodeMash Venue Photos

Several folks from CodeMash’s organizing committee visited the Kalahari Lodge where CodeMash will be held.

This venue is going to be simply amazing!  The Nia Conference Center at Kalahari is brand new and is loaded with all kinds of technical goodies.  We’ll have loads of bandwidth for speakers, staff, and attendees, plus there’s just an incredible amount of infrastructure that will be a great help for putting on a terrific conference.

The session rooms are huge and can get loaded up with scads of tables and chairs, plus we’ll have a huge banquet room for keynotes and dining.  The hall where we’ll have sponsors is nice and large with plenty of room for booths — and there’s scads of electrical outlets so everyone should be happy happy.

I and my family stayed overnight in the hotel and we were very happy with the facility. Nice breakfast buffet (better than average hotel food), comfy rooms, and a very nice set of stores in the hotel itself.

Of course there’s the water park and arcade…  The water park is a blast!  I spent most of the time playing with my two year old son in the toddler pool or chasing my daughter around the river that circumnavigates the park.  (Note to self: six year olds don’t understand that “Lazy River” means you float around and relax.  They think it means it’s a racetrack.)  There are also a bunch of huge slides so big kids can have fun.  The Zip Sled is lots of fun, but may be a bit too intense for smaller kids.  (Fear not, she wasn’t permanently scarred, plus she got a toy out of the deal for indulging her Poppa.)

This conference is going to be a blast for any number of reasons, and the venue’s no small part of that!

Photos of the visit are posted up on my Flickr site.

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I told my wife about the venue when I first read about it. She's pretty excited about it since her and the kids normally comes with me to these kinds of events. It'll be great that they won't have to leave the hotel to find stuff to do.

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