Monday, October 16, 2006

Huge Regional Event In The Works

Drew Robbins, Josh Holmes, Jason Gilmore, and a passle other folks way smarter than me are working together to put on a huge regional conference in January, 2007. 

What’s the topic?  How about bringing together industry-leading speakers in the Java, Ruby, PHP, and .NET communities for a two-day conference?

The event is CodeMash, and I’m part of the group organizing the event.  We’re swinging for the fence: we’re hoping to bring in 400 – 500 folks to attend somewhere between 35 and 40 sessions put on by top-notch speakers.

How’s this for a starter list of keynote speakers: Bruce Eckel, Neal Ford, and Scott Guthrie?  We’re also looking to nab one of the top leaders at a certain company which has been the predominant force behind Java.  Can’t say more yet because I’m still coordinating with the folks from Sun I mean a certain top company.

The list of speakers will be pretty dang impressive too: think about the weath of riches we’ve got in the region simply in the .NET domain: Brian Prince, Josh Holmes, Bill Wagner, Tim Landgrave, Dave Donaldson, James Avery, and Drew Robbins, just to name a few.  We haven’t even begun to hit the Java, Ruby, or PHP folks yet.

This event is going to be tremendous for a great number of reasons.  First, who wouldn’t want to hit an indoor water park in the middle of January?  Second, the energy at such events is simply stunning.  I was at Software Expo several years ago and it was a life-changing event for me.  Seriously.

Interested in attending?  Our registration site at will be going live shortly.

Interested in speaking?  Look for a call for papers/abstracts to go out very shortly.

This is going to be sooooo cool.

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