Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hire Me!

James and I will be finishing up work on our book in a few weeks, and I’ll be looking to transition to a full-time job shortly thereafter.  I’ve already started the job hunt process, but thought I’d put a post here as well.

I’m looking for a position doing development, project management, or solutions development in a customer-facing role.  I’ve had a very wide range of experience and can help you and your company out with just about anything from network managment to development to testing.  (I’ve also done retail wine sales, so I can help you figure out what you should drink with your salmon…)

Location preferences would be the Dayton/Cincinnati/Columbus area.  Relocation’s an option, but only after September and it would need to be a pretty compelling opportunity.  I am, however, available for remote/virtual/telecommuting work and have five years productive experience in such a slot.

I’ll be available for work starting the first week in August.

If you’re interested, feel free to have a gander at my resume, or contact me via the link on the right sidebar.


Anonymous said...

What, you gotta be kidding me. You should have started the job search well before last night's presentation. It will be months before that will be faded from everyone's mind!

Just kidding of course. The presentation was great and I know that any organization would be lucky to have you. I'd post a link to your announcement on my blog, but I have selfish reasons for not spreading the word too widely. :)

Jim Holmes said...

>> It will be months before that will be faded from everyone's mind! <<

Yeah, the whole thing about James having those pictures of me on a beach with a bottle of tequilia, wearing only a sombrero will probably stick out in the attendees' minds. :D

Thanks for the nice words. I'm looking forward to getting into a good spot with good folks.

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