Monday, March 28, 2005

Daily Studies: Hansleman's .NET Developer Knowledge List

Scott Hansleman posted a terrific list of topics great .NET developers ought to know. I've decided to work my way through that list as part of my ongoing studies. My goal is to hit one topic per day and do some actual research to prove or disprove my knowledge. I also want to compare and contrast (shades of my Lit classes!) these topics between .NET and other envrionments such as C++, Java or perhaps even Perl. Researching to confirm what I know and don't should lead me down some interesting paths via the resources I'll use. I'll post references to what I'm finding along the way. Comments will be welcome, but I'm not sure how many I'll get since my Mom's the only one reading this blog. Heh. More on a daily basis as I work through the list! UPDATE: Fixed the busted link above.

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