Monday, November 13, 2006

iTunes 7 Stinks

Just a bit of a rant on the latest version of iTunes.  It sucks.  Massively slow, causes all kinds of grief and lousy sound quality on my system.  Lots of lovely music I’ve loaded in to the cursed thing and I can’t listen to crap because every new song hangs, skips, and gurgles for 20 seconds until this crappy software gets itself straightened out.  All this while I’m crashing on a reviewing deadline for my book — and I need  my music for that!

Version 6 was lovely.  Version 7 is a steaming pile of dung.


(I figure I’m suffering about it, so why shouldn’t you?)

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James Bender said...

I'm suffering too. I've already had to rebuild my system once (including re-ripping all my CD's) and had to take my nano to the Apple store twice so one of the "Geniuses" there could basically wipe it out and reset it.

When it comes to Windows, they want nothing to do with helping you.

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