Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Book Update: QC1 Review Done!

Whoof.  I’ve just, literally, sent off the last comments on the first round of final proofs for the book. This round is called QC1 and is where the Word documents we’ve been working on for the last nine months are sent to O’Reilly’s Production department and converted into their final production format.  (I think it’s some variant of Frame, but I’m not sure.)

The conversion process is a bit unweildy, so we had to do some close checking for problems with figure and section placement, but it’s pretty amazing to see the book’s pages so close to what they’ll really look like.

I also found myself re-reading things I’d forgotten about.  (Hey, it’s 1200 or so pages and I’ve been writing for nearly nine months now.  Give me a break!)  All the chapters are good, but the chapters on testing, code metrics, and Windows utilities are particularly special.  The testing chapter (122 pages!) is really terrific with articles on mocking tools, test frameworks, test runners, and several other goodies.

If everything proceeds on schedule you’ll be able to find the book in stores just in time for Christmas.  Woo!

My eyes are bleary and the espresso I had a couple hours ago has finally worn off, but I’m happy to have passed another milestone in the book’s production!

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Anonymous said...

You should probably get some sleep sometime before Christmas :)

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