Monday, November 20, 2006

CodeMash Sessions So Far

We’ve got the initial 15 sessions approved for CodeMash.  Check out this most impressive list!

  • Intro to WCF (Josh Holmes)
  • SOA as a Conversation (Ken Faw)
  • Improve Your Testing with Open Source Testing Tools (Jim Holmes)
  • Introduction to Ajax (Greg Huber)
  • Using the Microsoft AJAX Library (Greg Huber)
  • High-Velocity MySQL (Jay Pipes)
  • Building and Deploying Smart Clients with VS 2005 (Keith Elder)
  • Building Enterprise Smart Clients Using SOA (Keith Elder)
  • End of Tier-Based Architecture (Owen Taylor)
  • Scripting for Java (Chris Judd)
  • Beyond TDD: Exploring the Benefits Beyond Testing (Ben Carey)
  • Lean Software Development (Mary Poppendieck)
  • Real World Continuous Integration (Joe Wirtley/Dan Hounshell)
  • Let NHibernate be your Data Layer (Dave Donaldson)
  • Building Gadgets for Windows Vista (Drew Robbins)

Add to that two sessions extra from Scott Guthrie and potentially a couple more from Bruce Eckel and Neal Ford — and we’ve still got scads of great abstracts to wade through for Python, SOA, PHP, and more.


Go register now.  Just do it!

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